Large Polythene Bags

Large Polythene Bags.

Large Polythene Bags can be made in pretty much any size you require. For the larger sizes we manufacture with side gussets

We can make in single units or perforated on a roll.

If its not a stock item then we will need to know what width depth and length of the bag together with thickness of film.

Let us know , roughly what the bags are for and what the anticipated weight of the product is that you want to place in the bag.

We have stock of lightweight bags perforated on a roll.

Another Polythene bag that is popular is the Single or Double  mattress bag ........Send an e-mail with your requirements and we will get back to you with prices.

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Heavy Duty gusseted Polythene Bag 500g 820/1280 x 1600mm
Heavy Duty Polythene Bag 820mm opening to 1280mm x 1600mm longThickness : 500gThis bag is a high per..
Large Gusseted Polythene Bags - POR 1050 x 1385 x 1830
Wholesale Large Gusseted Polythene Bags Perforated on a roll, approx 250 bags per roll. Size 1050 x ..
Large Polythene Bags Gusseted 2150 x 3260 x 2910 POR
Large Polythene Bags perforated on a roll .Gusseted 300 gauge 2150 x 3260 x 2910mm  priced at £..
Large Polythene Bags, gusseted 2150 x 3260 x 2160 POR
Large Polythene Bags, gusseted in 300 gauge. Perforated bags on a roll. Each roll contains 25 bags, ..
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