Die Cut Boxes

Die-Cut Boxes

Many styles of Die-Cut boxes are available, all of which will require a cutting forme.

All the different styles are shown on FEFCO, together with images of each style.

As you would realize the footprint of the board will determine the overall cost.

Pizza Boxes are a well known style, and are self assembled ,known as 0426 or 0427 although there are other styles.

Generally these boxes are delivered flat packed for self assembly. Good if you are short of space.

We can give you a price on all box styles in either corrugated board or solid folding boxboard.

Printing of the box can also be done, all we would need is details of the colour and print artwork.

Die cut boxes are not generally a stock item, so initially please send an e-mail and we can sort it out for you.

It would help us to know roughly the weight of the product going in the box as that will determine the type of material used to make the box.

Please bear in mind because its a machine operation with a cutting forme, the more you order the cheaper the price.

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Die Cut 0427 - 270 x 215
Die Cut 0427 brown box .Size 270mm x 215mm x 65mm.Tuck in front flaps all self assembly. Ideal for s..
Die Cut 0427 Pizza Style
Die cut 0427 pizza style box 610mm x 610mm x 152mm single wall corrugated.Self assembly box supplied..
Die Cut Box 370mm x 275mm x  100mm
Die Cut Box-370mm x 275mm x 100mm, Pizza style self erecting corrugated box.Supplied flat pack for s..
Die Cut Box-0427 White 380 x 245 x 50mm
Die Cut Box-0427 380 x 245 x 50mm Die cut pizza style box in E- Flute corrugated.Clean fresh present..
Egg Box for mail order
Egg Box cardboard for use in mail order/ postal of eggs.Die Cut self assembly cardboard box with ins..
Hard Drive Packaging Box
Hard Drive Packaging BoxDeveloped to accommodate 2.5" 3.5" hard drives. The box is a single one pie..
KBins Corrugated Picking Bins
KBins Corrugated Picking Bins.You order as a flat pack and then simply self erect into a strong stur..
Multi Pak
Multi PakThis type of pack is available in a number of different sizes from 147mm x 126mmm upwards.I..
Folding Boxboard Boxes
Folding Boxboard in WhiteCan be manufactured to make all kinds of point of sale packaging boxes.Idea..
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