Folding Boxboard Cartons

Folding Boxboard and White Lined Chipboard Cartons.

Solid Board Boxes made in either folding boxboard or white lined chipboard are used in all types of industry where an item needs to be presented in a neat clean pack so more often used in the retail market.

There are many and varied styles of solid wall box so in the first instance you would need to think about the product size weight and how you want to present it.

Folding boxboard or white lined chipboard have size limitations even when using thicker board so its good to check the weight of the product.

Lighter items can be easily packaged in a box style which is glued or self erected into clean neatly packaged box.

We can provide Plain or Printed die cut point of sale boxes.

Folding Boxboard is paperboard manufactured using layers of pulp, produced like a sandwich into the finished board.

White Lined Chipboard is made from layers of waste paper or recycled fibres,with coating on the top.

Usually grey on the inside layer.                                              E-mail :-  or phone 01793 610880 and we will provide a quote

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