House Moving Packs.

We can provide all that you need to move items from one place to another :-

Heavy Duty Double Wall Cartons          Light Duty Single Wall Cartons 

Corrugated Paper Rolls                           Machine Glazed Acid Free Tissue,

White Roll Foam 1mm Thick in Roll Form                                      Loose Fill ,

Packaging Tape Brown or Clear 50mm Wide ,                       Masking Tape,

Fragile Tape                                                                                   Postal Tubes,

Polythene Bags Various Gauges.                                             Rubbish Sacks.

Please e-mail :- with a list of what you require and we will get back to you.

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House Moving Packs
House Moving PacksWe are often asked about what type of Boxes are needed to move house.THE PICTURE I..
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