Parcel Labels - Self Adhesive

Parcel Labels Self Adhesive .

We can supply many types of parcel labels printed with symbols and Standard Text used as a label for boxes, plastics and components.

Available in rolls of 500 labels.

Good Price Discounts for quantity.

The Parcel Labels are 108mm x 79mm and with text such as :-

Handle with Care - Do Not Stack - Fragile -and- This way Up.

Another size is 148mm x 50mm with texts like :- Fragile, Handle with Care, Do not Crush, Caution Heavy Package.

We can also supply the UN Hazard Warning Diamonds made with high quality PE, permanent adhesive and a UV varnish .

Normal size 100 x 100mm with 250 labels on a roll.

If its not shown call 01793 610880 or visit our Swindon Warehouse and we can help you further.

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