A simple wall or Bench mounted machine that can dispense inflated cushions of air.

The overall size of the machine is 360mm x 200mm x 330mm high, operated from a traditional 240 volt Electricity supply.

When a roll of film is loaded you swipe your hand over the sensor and a bag filled with air is produced.

For continued use you can also dispatch up to 100 bags by holding your hand over the sensor for 3 seconds.

You have the option of low inflation @ 20 bags per minute or High inflation @11 bags per minute.

The pillows of air are 250mm x 200mm when uninlated and a roll of film can produce up to 500 bags.

 Bags can also be re-inflated by a one way valve.

Send an e-mail and we will confirm price of Machine and the rolls of film.

Each machine comes with a 12 months warranty from installation date.

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