Packaging Tape| Brown or Clear Adhesive Tape

Packaging Tape |Brown Adhesive Tape|Parcel Tape| Clear Adhesive Tape from 12mm to 70mm wide x 66 metres.

Sold in packs of 6 or in Boxes......The more you buy the cheaper it is! Adhesive Packaging Tape is affected by the humidity so keep the tape in a dry warm environment. In the winter months the damp and cold conditions can badly effect polypropylene tape adhesive, in its ability to stick to the cardboard box.

Parcel Tape is a broad term, start with the cheapest Polypropylene with Acrylic Adhesive then Solvent / Hot Melt Adhesive Tape moving on to the Low Noise Packaging Tape in average or high quality PP or into the Vinyl Adhesive Tape.

We Stock Packing Tape in our Swindon Warehouse most types, so lots of options to choose from.

One grade that is proving very successful is our

Low Cost Double length Tape - Its 132 metre long which cuts down on roll changing which does add to the labour cost.

Clear works out at £0.70p per roll on a pro-rata basis 66 metres with a PREMIUM Adhesive.

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