Packaging Tape - Vinyl, Polypropylene

 Tape - Vinyl, Polypropylene

Packaging Tape , Brown Adhesive Tape , Clear Parcel Tape , Adhesive Tape from 12mm wide to 75mm wide for box sealing.

Seal your boxes with top quality Hot Melt Adhesive tape that has many other applications.

Parcel tape that has strong adhesive.

Buy your tape and collect from our Swindon Warehouse.

Packaging Tape seems simple, yet there are many types for different applications.

Some are also sensitive to the humidity, and respond differently in varying temperatures.

Vinyl Tape is a good carton sealing tape but is now expensive, Polypropylene however is cheaper but the product has developed and can be a very good and strong parcel tape.

The different types are described below.

For general carton sealing, we suggest a 50mm x 66m clear or Buff Low Noise Polypropylene as it performs well and is reasonably priced.

Why not try Code R.  If you want a Premium Adhesive low noise tape then try the 48mm double length tape on a one inch core, we call it Pack Much More its very good.

Any special printing or more specialist tape, please e-mail the details and we will get back to you.

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Packaging Tape
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