Specialist Tapes

Specialist Tapes.

General Purpose PE Laminated Cloth Tape (Black roll in the Picture) .

General Purpose Masking Tape, Cured Masking Tape which is temperature Resistant,Cured Masking Tape which is temp/water and uv resistant.

High Tack PE Laminated cloth tape.

Crossweave, Glassfibre Reinforced Tape.

There are many other specialist tapes so please e-mail or call with your requirement and we will get back to you with prices.

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Duck Tape-Gaffer Tape
Duck Tape - Gaffer Tape,There is a difference between Duck Tape and Gaffer Tape . With Duck Tape the..
High Temperature Polyimide Tape (Kapton)
High Temperature Polyimide Tape ( Kapton)Its a Polyimide Film with a silicone adhesive which is desi..
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