Pallet Stretch Wrap

Pallet Stretch Wrap used to secure products when stacked on a pallet.

We stock quality Hand and Machine Wrap in various widths and and thicknesses.

These days its good to know exactly what you are ordering as stretch wrap is a commodity so price is often the most important factor.

Although that is true you need to get what you have paid for , in terms of length and thickness.

The table will show you our different grades with the width, length and thickness.

You will see in this section " 500-B" which is the Black Pallet Stretch Wrap used for extra security.  When the pallet is wrapped with black film the contents of the pallet are hidden.

Our wrap is supplied in boxes of 6 rolls.

We also carry in stock Pre-Stretch Pallet Wrap, see tables for detail.

Machine Wrap

Designed for use with a pallet wrapping machine.

Handy Wrap.

This is the small 100mm x 100metre Stretch Wrap that is ideal for bundling small items together.

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