Postal Boxes - White

Postal Boxes-White.

All die cut self assembly in various sizes which are ideal for mail order and e-bayers.

Strong sturdy robust postal boxes.List of standard sizes below.

Simply erect the postal box use clear parcel tape to seal and its ready to go.

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Large Letter Size Postal Box- moq 300
Large Letter Size Postal Box.Strong Sturdy Large Letter Size Box designed especially to conform with..
Postal Box  300 x 200 x 200mm
Postal Box White -300 x 200 x 200mm. Ideal for those mail order items and those that use e-bay.Easy ..
Postal Box  350 x 230 x 150mm
Postal Box White 350 x 230 x150mm.Ideal for mail order items and e-bay users.Easy fold up,strong pos..
Postal Box - 305x229x75mm
Postal Box-White -305x229x75mm. Box that you can pack mail order items in for safe and secure transp..
Postal Box - 420x300x100mm
Postal Box White-420x300x100mm. Ideal for mail order items and e-bay users.Simply erect and post.tuc..
Postal box - White - 380 x 245 x 51mm
Postal Box White  380mm x 245mm x 51mm internal sizeDie cut. Arrives flat for self assembly.Str..
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