Protective Packaging,

Packaging was designed to protect all sorts of products so it can be very individual to the specific product you want to protect.

In this category we include Bubble Wrap which can be either low cost or Branded, for everyday applications then low cost will be entirely suitable, you can either order on line or collect from our Swindon Warehouse.

Protective Foam Cushioning is available in various types of foam from roll foam or block foam which can be slit down to various thicknesses if required.

Blue protective foam profiles,in many different shapes and sizes so in the first instance its worth sending an e-mail describing what you are looking for then we will get back to you.

Bubble Bags, again either standard sizes or custom made bubble bags to a specific size and quantity.

Air Pillows which are formed from a roll of polythene film tubing, which is fed through a small desktop machine which delivers air pillows in an easy tear perforated format.

See the available options below.

Single faced Corrugated Paper in various widths that can be ordered on line or collected from our Swindon Warehouse.

Tissue Paper, Solid Board Edge Protectors,loosefill

Scroll through our list of products for the protection you need.

Our PACKAGING is available from Stock.

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Bubble Bag (No Flap) 420mm x 550mm
Bubble Bag 420mm x 550mm. Layers of film with air trapped to form bubbles all around the bag.The bub..
Bubble Bags
Bubble Bags.Bags made from the same material as Bubble Cushioning so the cushioning properties are v..
Bubble Wrap
Bubble Wrap  Cushioning bubble is available in Small and Large Bubble from stock.Sold in e..
Corrugated Paper
Corrugated Paper Corrugated paper is made using a kraft paper against fluted corrugated which create..
Fill-Air Flow inflatable Packaging System by Sealed Air
Fill-Air Flow inflatable Packaging MachineThis low cost wall mounted or table top stand machine is c..
Furni-soft by Jiffy. 1200mm x 100metres
Furni-Soft by JiffyFurni-soft is a product designed for furniture manufacturers to use on finished f..
Instapak Quick RT Bag 10
Instapak Quick RT Expanding foam cushions.Size 380mm x 460mm. 48 bags in a carton-  £..
Instapak Quick RT Bag 20
Instapak Quick RT Bag 20. Expanding foam cushion Size 460mm x 460mm. 42 BAGS per cart..
Instapak Quick RT Bag 60
Instapak Quick RT Bag 60 , Expanding Foam Cushion. 460mm x 610mm. 30 bags per carton ,- £128.70..
Instapak Quick RT Bag 80
Instapak Quick RT Bag 80 , Expanding foam cushion. 540mm x 680mm 30 bags per carton.Minimum order 30..
Instapak Quick RT Quick Start Kit
Instapak Quick RT Quick Start Kit .Expanding Foam Cushions. 16 bags @ £80.30.This pack contains 4 no..
Loosefill Ultra Biodegradable
Loosefill blue biodegradable  Yes its Blue but that is the additive which increases the cushion..
Machine Glazed Acid Free Tissue 450mm x 700mm
Machine Glazed Acid Free Tissue   450 x 700mm  18gsm £7.50 per ream Weight 3.5kg..
Machine Glazed Bleached Acid Free Tissue Paper
Machine Glazed Bleached Acid Free Tissue Paper.MG Bleached Acid Free Tissue Paper -sheet size  ..
New Air IB Pouch
New Air IB PouchIs a ready to use on demand pouch made out of Barrier Sealed bubble cushioning that ..
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