Instapak Quick RT

Instapak Quick Rt

High density foam in place bags.

The components when activated by hand take the shape of the object you wish to pack.

In addition the foam expands to fill the box voids, producing a totally secure pack.

Entirely suitable for High Value and Fragile Products.

No start up costs, versatile, fast, convenient.

How It works, apply pressure to the "press here"panel on the foam bags and gently patt to activate the expanding foam.

Place the expanding foam in the carton asap and then place the product into the foam cushion, then if you wish do the same with the next cushion to provide a sandwich effect.

You can take it anywhere!  Why not try the Instapak Quick Rt trial Pack

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Instapak Quick RT Bag 10
Instapak Quick RT Expanding foam cushions.Size 380mm x 460mm. 48 bags in a carton-  £..
Instapak Quick RT Bag 20
Instapak Quick RT Bag 20. Expanding foam cushion Size 460mm x 460mm. 42 BAGS per cart..
Instapak Quick RT Bag 60
Instapak Quick RT Bag 60 , Expanding Foam Cushion. 460mm x 610mm. 30 bags per carton ,- £128.70..
Instapak Quick RT Bag 80
Instapak Quick RT Bag 80 , Expanding foam cushion. 540mm x 680mm 30 bags per carton.Minimum order 30..
Instapak Quick RT Quick Start Kit
Instapak Quick RT Quick Start Kit .Expanding Foam Cushions. 16 bags @ £80.30.This pack contains 4 no..
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