Protective Foam Cushioning Rolls

Protective Foam Cushioning Roll Foam

Jiffy type Roll Foam for fragile and surface sensitive products .

Made from Low Density Polyethylene into soft thin rolls of foam

We generally hold in stock 1500mm x 300 metres with a  thickness of 1mm or split in rolls 2 x 750mm.

Roll Foam is available in thicknesses of 1mm,1.5mm,2.5mm and 4mm .

Before you order please call us to check we hold stock.

Please also note :- This product is only available for Collection.

The 750mm width roll can be sent via carrier, but only one roll.

Furniture when transported needs surface protection that will work, a protection that is gentle and non abrasive so why not consider the Furni-soft made by Jiffy, a proven product.

We can supply rolls 1200mm x 100metres often from stock.

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