Stratocell Laminated Polyethylene

Stratocell Laminated Polyethylene.

Is available in 3 densities, low medium and high density foam.

Normally supplied in sheets 1220mm x 2700mm approx in White, but is available in other colours subject to MOQ.

Stratocell foam can be converted in thicknesses from 13mm to 200mm thick and supplied in various shapes and sizes.

This foam is a non-crosslinked, closed cell polyethylene foam suitable for a wide range of applications.

We have all the specification criteria so please send an e-mail to:-  or call 01793 610880 and we will endeavour to answer your questions.

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Stratocell Laminated Foam - 2m x 1.2m MOQ 5 sheets, best price
Stratocell Laminated Polyethylene Foam. White Medium Density Foam sheet. Closed cell polyethylene so..
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