Wholesale Bubble Bags

Wholesale Bubble Bags.

High quality bags made from bubble film.

The bags are made using small bubbles of air that provide protection to your products .

We have a range of standard sizes of bubble bags and can also supply custom sizes either open top or with a peel and seal top flap.

Our Standard Range are manufactured with a peel and seal self adhesive flap.

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Bubble Bag (No Flap) 420mm x 550mm
Bubble Bag 420mm x 550mm. Layers of film with air trapped to form bubbles all around the bag.The bub..
Bubble Bags
Bubble Bags.Bags made from the same material as Bubble Cushioning so the cushioning properties are v..
Wholesale Bubble Bags (Self Seal) 380 x 435mm
Wholesale Bubble Bags 380mm x 435mm, Manufactured bag from bubbles of air.This type of bag with so m..
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