Wholesale Bubble Wrap - Low Cost

Wholesale Bubblewrap in Swindon,

Bubble wrap is manufactured as easy tear or in the case of low cost bubble it tears but not as easily.

You can buy Branded Product or Non Branded which means lower price.

Generally small bubble is used for the wrapping of items that require some cushioning and surface protection.

For void filling or larger items we suggest using the large bubble.

For general packaging the low cost bubble is ideal and easier on your pocket.

Sealed Air produce a barrier sealed bubble which will retain its air pocket for longer and will withstand greater pressure.

A BUNDLE is 1500mm wide and can be split into rolls 2 x 750mm, 3 x 500mm, 5 X 300mm and even perforated for a minimum order  quantity of at least 10 bundles.

PLEASE NOTE We can only deliver Bubble Wrap up to 1000mm wide by carrier with a max of 3 rolls.

We also stock Roll foam in various thicknesses again usually in a roll 1500mm wide which can be split into 2 x 750mm or 3 x 500mm.

This material is ideal for wrapping items that have a delicate surface.

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Bubble Wrap
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