Static Control Products

Please refer to sub categories. We stock Pink Anti Static, Black Conductive, Static Shield Bags and Moisture Barrier Bags, in a range of sizes.

Bench and Floor mats with appropriate grounding cords.Wrist Straps and curly cords.

Conductive Boxes with or without Foam.

Black Conductive and Pink Anti Static Foam which can be block or profiled rise and fall.

Self Adhesive Static Warning Labels , (reaching hand symbol and text) Silica gel desiccant. Humidity Indicator cards.

Anti static mat and table top cleaner.

Anti Static Rubber Bands , Field service kits . Anti Static tape. 

Anti Static Bubble and Anti Static Pink Bubble Bags.   Buy now we are competitive.

With our knowledge and experience of this Industry we can help with all your Static Control requirements. We hold stock of most products.

What ever you need give us a call, or alternatively send an e-mail with specification, quantity required and we will be happy to provide a quote.

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Anti Static Bubble - Branded Small 1500mm
Anti Static Bubble Wrap - Small 1500mm wide.This Bubble is manufactured by Sealed Air and is identif..
Anti Static Bubble Bags
Anti Static Bubble Bags,Bubble Bags manufactured using Anti Static Pink Bubble in a wide range of si..
Anti Static Pink Elastic Band 120mm
Anti Static Pink Elastic Band.To be used when you want to group together  products that can be ..
Anti Static Pink Elastic Band 60mm
Anti Static Pink Elastic Bands.60mm x 2.5mm      1 kg bag.For use with..
Anti Static Wrist Strap and Curly Cord
Anti Static Wrist Strap.Blue Adjustable Wrist Strap with elasticated curly cord.10mm stud to stud or..
Cobalt Free Humidity Indicator Cards 3 Spot
Humidity Indicator Cards -3 spot. 5%, 10% and 60%. changes colour in contact with moisture. 125 card..
Cobalt Free Humidity Indicator Cards 4 Spot
Cobalt Free Humidity Indicator CardsHumidity Indicator cards 4 spot 10% , 20% , 30% and 40%. Ch..
Conductive Grid Tape - 12mm
Conductive Grid Tape 12mm. Includes ESD logo. Static dissipative surface, self adhesive tape. Availa..
Conductive Grid Tape - 25mm
Conductive Grid Tape 25mm A Conductive Tape -25mm x 36metres for use with static sensitive devices.P..
Conductive Layer Pad
Conductive layer pad 305mm x 135mm x 6mm. Made in conductive correx glued to low density conductive ..
Dissipative Bench Mat Blue with Conductive Base layer
Dissipative Bench Mat Blue with Conductive Base Layer.Size : 1200mm x 600mm with 10mm stud in each c..
ESD Document Holders - A4
ESD Document Holders- A4. Permanent static dissipative pockets with printed re-inforced spine. Clear..
Jedec Tray Conductive Layer Pads
Jedec Trays conductive Foam Layer Pads,The Layer Pads are made using Conductive Correx and either lo..
Pink Anti Static Bag
Pink Anti Static Bags, Suitable for reducing static charge generation.This bag does not prevent..
Safe Earth Bonding Plug
Safe Earth Bonding Plug.The one illustrated is for a std 3 pin plug and is fitted with 1 x 10mm stud..
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