Anti Static Bags (all types)

Anti Static Bags 

Are mainly used for the protection of Static Sensitive Devices.

Anti static bags is a heading but there are different types , Moisture Barrier ,Static Shield Bag either open top or reclosable , Black Conductive or Anti Static Bags either clear or pink.

Moisture Barrier Bags with no print are now often used in the pharmaceutical industry.

It is the customers responsibility to determine what type of anti static bag should be used , although we will do our best to help you.

Scroll through the different types and establish which material would be the  most suitable.

Basically you can use :-

Click on the image for list of sizes .

Pink Anti Static Bags used in the safe handling area, as this type will not create or hold a static charge.

Black Conductive Bags will prevent a static charge penetrating through the bag.

Static Shielding Bags go one step further giving protection whilst enabling you to see the bag contents.Open top or Resealable bags, ziplock .

Moisture Barrier Bags not only stop static charges but also limit the moisture penetrating the bag.

Again we have bags for different levels of Moisture Vapour Transmission rate , known as MVTR.

Used for Electronics and the Pharmaceutical industry.

We are happy to discuss this in more detail with you.  Although we assume small quantities will be purchased , ask for a greater quantity and the cost comes down!!!!!!!!!

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