Static Control Products - Various

Static Control Products - Various.

For all your Static Control Products consult this page if its not on it dont worry give us a call or send an e-mail  and we will quote you.

We can supply Conductive Boxes, Conductive Foam, Anti Static Foam, Wrist Straps, Bench and Floor Mats, Warning Labels, Testing Equipment and alot more.

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 Static Warning Labels
Static Warning Labels. Yellow label printed black with reaching hand symbol and text. Size 25mm x 50..
Anti Static Foam - Flat LD Foam
Anti Static Foam - Flat LD Foam Developed to form a cushioning layer for printed circuit boards or ..
Anti Static Foam - Profile Foam
Anti Static Profile Foam Low Density Foam AS22.Size : 220mm x 250mm  13 base 22 rise  ..
Anti Static Pink Elastic Band 120mm
Anti Static Pink Elastic Band.To be used when you want to group together  products that can be ..
Anti Static Pink Elastic Band 60mm
Anti Static Pink Elastic Bands.60mm x 2.5mm      1 kg bag.For use with..
Anti Static Wrist Strap and Curly Cord
Anti Static Wrist Strap.Blue Adjustable Wrist Strap with elasticated curly cord.10mm stud to stud or..
Black Conductive Layflat Tube 10" wide
Black Conductive Layflat Tube 10" wide.Surplus to requirements 400 gauge Black Conductive Layflat Tu..
Cobalt Free Humidity Indicator Cards 3 Spot
Humidity Indicator Cards -3 spot. 5%, 10% and 60%. changes colour in contact with moisture. 125 card..
Conductive Grid Tape - 12mm
Conductive Grid Tape 12mm. Includes ESD logo. Static dissipative surface, self adhesive tape. Availa..
Conductive Grid Tape - 25mm
Conductive Grid Tape 25mm A Conductive Tape -25mm x 36metres for use with static sensitive devices.P..
Conductive Heel Straps - Large
Conductive Heel Straps - LargeThe Conductive Heel Straps just simply fit over the heel of your shoes..
Conductive Layer Pad
Conductive layer pad 305mm x 135mm x 6mm. Made in conductive correx glued to low density conductive ..
Dissipative Bench Mat Blue with Conductive Base layer
Dissipative Bench Mat Blue with Conductive Base Layer.Size : 1200mm x 600mm with 10mm stud in each c..
ESD Document Holders - A4
ESD Document Holders- A4. Permanent static dissipative pockets with printed re-inforced spine. Clear..
High Temperature Polyimide Tape (Kapton)
High Temperature Polyimide Tape ( Kapton)Its a Polyimide Film with a silicone adhesive which is desi..
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