Polypropylene and Polyester Strapping

Strapping has developed over the years, so we now stock a range to cater for a wide variety of applications.

We supply Plastic which is Polypropylene Strapping, Polyester Strap which is a replacement to steel, and Machine Strap again Polypropylene but for use on a machine.

Steel Strap is another product especially for use when strapping heavy items onto a pallet.

We stock a variety of widths depending on the application.

For Hand strap used with a tensioner and sealer you can have either cardboard or plastic core, see table below for further information.

Polypropylene Hand Strapping with standard width of 12mm or 16mm.

Polypropylene Machine Strapping generally 12mm.

Polyester Strapping  a strong, safer alternative to steel from 10.8mm wide on a 406 x 150mm cardboard core.

We can also supply Woven Cord, Composite Polyester that has a plastic coating that increases its abrasion-resistance and rigidity.

Strapping Buckles to suit the strapping.

Give us a call and we will do our best to help you.

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